Terms and Conditions

Welcome to 7TecSol.

• Domain name & web hosting has to be provided by the customer at the time of hosting on the World Wide Web.
• The payment terms cannot be changed at any stage after signing this agreement without prior consent and approval of 7TecSol.
• All website content, such as product images and written content must be provided by the customer.
• The order, once confirmed, cannot be cancelled at any stage. Payment must be made in full to 7TecSol.
• Website Development time depends on the design and functionality requirements and will be confirmed before finalizing the project.

Project Time Line & Constraints:
• The start date is the date we receive a confirmed order along with 50% payment.
• The development process involves emailing layouts to customer from time to time for your approval.
• Any changes in the layout suggested by customer are incorporated by 7TecSol, as long as the suggested changes are within the agreed scope of work.
• Any delay in response from the client may shift the project completion time line.

During the development of the website 7TecSol may use the images from the internet in order to show the customers how the layout or design looks. KOL limited does tell its clients that these images are not owned by the company itself. The company recommends the customers to give their own images/photos or to buy from some stock photography websites. When the website goes live and still the customer does not bother to change the images (the source of which is unknown), in that case 7TecSol does not hold any responsibility towards the customer, website or will not bear any penalty issued to the customer from the legal owner of the image. We are a friendly company and are always wanting to guide our customer in the best possible way so that they do not get in to any trouble or any unwanted issues.

1. 7tecsol.com will not be held responsible for any content on its client’s sites which others may find offensive.
2. You are responsible for keeping 7TecSol.com informed of any changes to your name, mailing address, phone number, or email address.
3. 50% advanced payment to be paid before start of any web project. Advance payment is not refundable.
4. 7TecSol.com reserves the right to alter, amend, or change these policies at any time. All accounts are required to comply with any changes made to these policies while their accounts are active. Notification of any major changes to the policies will be emailed to all accounts.

Payment Terms:
• We follow a payment policy which is fair for both the company and the customers. With regards to the development, the customer is required to pay us at least 50% of the total project value before we commence the design and development of the same.
• The other 50% is paid once the project is complete by 7TecSol and before the files are hosted in any server. We make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with the project and have approved the project.
• With regards to the Digital marketing at 7TecSol, where the customer is required to pay the amount monthly, advance invoice will be sent every month and the payment is expected within a week of the invoice date.
• If the amount is not paid within a month of the invoice date, a delay fee will be charged @ 10% of the outstanding invoice every month.

Payment options:
We accept all payment the customer can make payment to 7TecSol using any of the following methods:
1. Direct Bank Transfer – Our bank details are mentioned in the invoice issued
2. Via Payoneer – We accept payment from Payoneer, the account information are mentioned in the invoice.
3. Payment over Easy Paisa – We accept payment from Easy Paisa account.
The length of the payment term is as per the signed agreement. To cancel the Standing Order, please email or call us giving 1 month advance notice.

Refund Policy:
All the products/services by 7TecSol are customized as per the customers’ requirements and the payment terms are agreed as per the signed agreement. Since all the products/services are bespoke, we do not offer any refund on the advance paid after starting work on the project. The customer can only ask for the refund before we have started working on the agreed project/services. For further clarification, please email us at info@7tecsol.com
• Data/details to be provided by the customer
• Product pictures for the home page.
• Product pictures along with the description and all other required details.
• Any charges for the third party products/services to be integrated on the website will be borne by the customer.

Seller account:
7tecsol offering to his/her seller partner on 15% commission for each project. 7tecsol has the rights to de-activate seller account any time without any warning when got any fraud order/ Fake customer / Misbehavior/ Scam etc.

Any questions?
You can discuss our Term and condition with our Data Protection Officer via email at support@7tecsol.com